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We the alumnae of Westwood High School for girls proudly call ourselves ‘The Westwood Old Girls Association’, an attestation of the feeling that we are an integral part of the school. It can easily be argued that to a great extent, Westwood’s strength lies in the fact that its Old Girls have returned as Principals or members of staff, or have otherwise remained close to the school. Helping our alma mater Westwood and its students to succeed – that’s WOGA’s reason for being.

The Westwood Old Girls Association was founded in the 1920’s due to the efforts of Mary Carnegie Kelly and her contemporaries. Since then, the Association has had many dynamic officers and dedicated members.Take a bow! WOGA has the stellar reputation of being one of the few alumni organizations in Jamaica that has continued to meet regularly since inception


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Felicitaciones! National Spanish Quiz Winner.

By: WOGA Online | Website Owner

May 7, 2017

So it was not only about the fire on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. On that same day, our team won all categories at the National Spanish Quiz Finals. Muy Bueno! (Let not the fire eclipse our blessings.) Congrats to the team and all who prepared and supported.