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The Westwood Old Girls Association


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  • Provide financial support for programs and activities which enhance the development of the student body.
  • Respond to Westwood High School liaison as it relates to the needs and welfare of the student population.
  • Promote pride and loyalty among both current students and alumnae.
  • Develop alumnae programs that will strengthen bonds and build relationships.
  • Create a culture of philanthropy among alumnae.
  • Increase membership and participation in WOGA NY.
  • Liaise closely with its parent chapter in Jamaica, WOGA JA, and other sister chapters.


  • Jenniffer (Spence) Brown President
  • Audrey Forde Vice President
  • Marva Craig Communications Officer
  • Yvonne Whyte Basnight Financial Officer
  • Natoya (Brown) Dent Public Relations Officer
  • Shaunese Williams Project Manager
  • Sonia Khan Membership Chair

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President WogaNY, J. Brown

President’s Message

I feel very honored and privileged to be serving as President of the newly formed New York Chapter of Westwood Old Girls’ Association, WOGA New York, Inc.

Woga was founded in the 1920’s, out of the deep desire by past students to promote camaraderie between alumnae of their beloved alma mater, Westwood.

Some years ago, a number of alumnae came together to form an unofficial New York Chapter, which was successful for many years. However, time and family demands took precedence and in time, the “chapter” faded. I would like to pay homage to all those who carried the Torch during those prior years, especially to Anne and Denise Crawford, who were instrumental in presiding over the business of the chapter during that time.

The mission of Woga New York, is to connect Westwood High School alumnae to each other; to promote ongoing interaction through meaningful engagements and programs, creating a lifelong community for increased awareness and participation, and to deepen the philanthropic commitment to enriching the lives of students at Westwood High School.

As your president, I will work diligently to ensure the chapter’s mission is executed at all times. I ask you to be patient and join us along this journey as the Board of Directors and I work towards executing our goals, that are outlined in the mission statement.

I invite you to participate in our monthly meetings and lend us your ideas and skillset so we can collaboratively build the chapter. It is true that no man is an island and no man stands alone. This is your chapter and we will need every Westwood alumna to be active participants in order for Woga New York to be successful. So jump onboard and take this ride with me and make our chapter a success. Ora et labore.


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