July 24, 2017 | Written By: WOGA Online

We are proud to introduce our next fundraising activity. We have partnered with Oliver Samuels and Whirlwind Entertainment to present to you . Come and see Oliver and ‘Maffy’ back at it again after 15 years!!!


Sunday August 13th Showtime: 5pm
Tickets: $1500
6 Cargill Ave, Kgn 10

Westwood High School in association with Oliver Samuels. Proceeds in aid of rebuilding kitchen & dining room. The historic reunion Frenemy Oliver and ‘Maffy’ back at it again after 15 years!!!

Oliver Samuels, Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson, Audrey Reid, Lakeisha Ellison & Dennis Titus.
Written & directed by Oliver Samuels. Executive Producers: Michael Dawson & Keecha Cooch of Worldwind Entertainment.

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